OUR Yarns

we're proud to make our entire collection of yarns
right here at wow HQ, yorkshire


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4 Ply Yarn

A finer yarn designed for sock and light garment creation.  These ranges can be used in patterns with intricate stitch work such as lace.

DK Yarn

Designed for versatility and flexibility our DK ranges are help bring ideas alive.  Yarns in this range have been designed to add texture, colour and functionality to projects as well as spark your creativity.

Aran Yarn

A collection of heavier yarns which excel at projects that require extra definition.  These yarns have been designed with Aran and Fairisle patterns in mind.

Super Chunky Yarn

Big and bulky, our Super Chunky range is for those who want to make a statement without having to spend too many hours at work.  Quick to knit and with oodles of squish!

Other Yarns

From the extra fine to the extra thick you can find a variety of yarns in these categories.  Our lace yarns can be used on knitting machines and our jumbo knitting yarns are perfect for creating your own blankets and throws.