we've been doing this for years & years

The World of Wool Family

In the 1980's, David decided to start trading wool out of his garage in little old Slaithwaite! As soon as his son Richard was old enough to get involved, he started teaching him the ropes! Cut forward to the early 2000's and daughter Gina joined the family business; now they had everything they needed to go online and launch the very first World of Wool website!

Supported by wife & mum, Lynn, things started to grow fast and they began introducing new members, who would become a major part of the World of Wool family!


A Fibre Crafter's Paradise

Richard began growing World of Wool, introducing extensive fibre ranges, sourcing some of the World's finest fibres & looking for sustainable ways to keep fibre crafters stocked up!

With years of textile experience behind the family, Richard took a big step and introduced the first ever customisable fibre app! This allowed our wonderfully crafty customers to design their very own blends by selecting different breeds, adding silks & specialities and creating a whole range of colourful inventions.

We really became THE WORLD of Wool!

Look how far we've come...

  • 2008

    We launched our very first World of Wool website...Ok, it doesn't look very impressive right now, but we were so proud to be the first online fibre craft website for all thing woolly.

  • 2017

    Our old website was creaking and splitting at the seams due to so many wool lovers purchasing our fibres (Thanks for that!)

    We decided to rebrand and redesign our website to be able to accomodate all the orders.

    We also launched our custom processes, including create your own blends & sample packs.

  • 2023

    So much has changed since our 2017 launch! (although it doesn't feel that long ago!)

    We were pretty innovative when we launched our 2017 website, so many of our features were designed bespoke! With so many new benefits to offer you beautiful people, we decided it was time to, once again, upgrade to a shiny new platform.