NEW PRODUCT: Proper Yarn

NEW PRODUCT: Proper Yarn
Lara Pollard-Jones

Everyone knows that we make our yarns in our mill here in Yorkshire, but when we were designing our latest range it just didn't feel proper enough.  It needed to include top-notch British wool breeds but also reflect our heritage which, if you haven't guessed, we're very proud of!

So let's get to know our latest range; Proper 4ply.  Here are the technical bits...

  • Blend: 80% Shetland and 20% Blue Faced Leicester.  Two iconic British breeds that bring softness and bounce without compromising on durability or stitch definition.
  • Spin: A 4ply weight yarn at 175m/50g (350m/100g) with 2-strand construction.  Finished in 50g balls perfect for projects that need a few shades.
  • Colours: Natural white (unbleached) plus 19 (yes, nineteen) dyed shades
  • Care: Not superwash, so don't put it on a hot wash...or in the tumble drier!
  • Pack-size: 20 x 50g balls (1kg)

But what makes this yarn so Northern?  Well, apart from the fact it is reet Proper, we've named the colours after words and phrases that are in daily use in our warehouse, office and mill.  You may not have come across them if you're not in this part of the world...

We're going to assume you're all familiar with what a cuppa is, and lad and lass are self explanatory.  But have you come across barmpot (you probably know one) or have you ever ventured down a ginnel

If you're feeling a bit stumped, have a gander at the different shades of Proper 4ply.  We've put definitions, pronunciation and sentence usage so you can say it the Proper way.  Champion!



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